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Gold Lotus Flower Charm
Rudraksha Seed
Plain (no seed)

Lepidolite clears electromagnetic pollution. Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good. It dissipates negativity. It activates dn opens the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness.  This stone aids in shamanic or spiritual journeying and accesses the Akashic Recotrd. It tunes you in to thoughts and feeling from other lives that are creating a blockage in your life now. It can take you forward into the future.

Lepidolite is extremely useful in the reduction of stress and depression. It halts obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency and overcomes insomnia. It is excellent for overcoming any kid of emotional or mental dependency, supportive in releasing from addictions and complaints of all kinds. 

Lepidolite's power of objectivity and concentration, it speeds up decision making. Lepidolite focuses on what is important, filtering out extraneous distractions.

Lepidolite enhances standing in your own space, free from the influences of others. It is a calming stone that soothes sleep disturbances and emotional stress, bringing deep emotional healing. 

Bracelet is handmade and measures approximately 7 inches with a 6mm genuine gemstone bead.

All items in this collection are made by hand and sent out in the order in which Gem + Love receives them. This means your order could ship anywhere from 1 day- 5 days. Please contact Kaley if you have a rush date - as rush orders are available for most items for an additional fee.