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Onyx has a very calming energy, which can help to reduce anxiety and grief. It promotes self-confidence, self-control, and independence. Onyx can help us to logically work through our emotions, particularly negative emotions like fear or anger. 

Onyx also provides a deep root connection, allowing us to draw energy from the wider world and universe to augment our own energy pool.

The Rudraksha bead symbolize Divine power and its connection with the physical world.

Bracelet is handmade and measures approximately 7 inches with a 6mm genuine gemstone bead.

All items in this collection are made by hand and sent out in the order in which Gem + Love receives them. This means your order could ship anywhere from 1 day- 5 days. Please contact Kaley if you have a rush date - as rush orders are available for most items for an additional fee.